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Rutherford & Christie LLP is one of the most talented firms with whom I have ever worked. I have been litigating insurance matters for over 26 years, so when I find talent, I recognize it. Nothing illustrates the confidence I have in this firm more than a defense verdict awarded in a complex construction case involving paralysis. The firm has obtained summary judgment after summary judgment on numerous cases, which I value more than defense verdicts and which were upheld on appeal. I highly recommend this firm to anyone wishing to take a strong defense posture on their cases.

Vice President of Risk Management, National Insurance Brokerage

Your firm is the standard by which we measure all the firms we use across the country. 

Senior Claim Analyst, Major United States Airline

The thing I like about these lawyers is that they think outside the box. They look for creative ways to defend or resolve our cases.

Vice President and Director of Claims, Major Insurance Co.

Rutherford & Christie LLP demonstrate expert competence, a meticulous attention to detail, and unmatched skill and commitment… a true long term partnership resulting in unparalleled success.

Workers’ Compensation Manager, Multi-state Self Insured Corporation

I am forever grateful for your commitment, untiring work ethic, ethical belief system and your willingness to partner with me in taking on the most difficult and challenging of circumstances. We have been through the fire of unbelievable pressure and each time we have emerged stronger and that is a credit to you.

School Superintendent, following defense verdict at trial

The firm of Rutherford & Christie represented us in an action that was initiated against us for damages that were totally out of our control or ability to meet. The firm met the challenge with pristine business ethics and an extremely well developed legal strategy. I have never encountered a firm that has been able to consistently maintain that high of a standard over the entire course of litigation. I will always be grateful to the firm for their representation and help.

Co-counsel, Major Airline Disaster Litigation

It is a pleasure to work with the lawyers of Rutherford & Christie LLP, who are professional, trustworthy, consistent, efficient and always give great results.

Account Executive, Worldwide Insurance Broker

Rutherford & Christie LLP was nothing less than spectacular at trial! They out classed and out performed the plaintiff’s attorney in every way. Prior to trial, they gave sound advice and expert representation. There is no doubt my case would not have been won had it not been for the collective efforts of the Rutherford & Christie team. I simply can not say enough wonderful things about this firm. If a case calls for superior legal talent, there is not a better or more qualified firm.

Insured/Defendant, Major Insurance Company

There is nothing I can say or write that would adequately thank you for doing such an outstanding job . . . As the trial unfolded it was almost overwhelming to sit there and think that you had made order [of the case]. Your closing statements covered everything in a clear and professional manner. Thank you for doing a really great job!!

Middle School Principal, following defense verdict at trial

Congratulations on a job well done. I know these issues were difficult. [Our village] is fortunate to have you on our team.

Village Mayor, following Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision affirming dismissal of case against the Village

We have worked with you quite a bit on [national product liability litigation], and we have been extremely pleased with the skill and judgment you have shown in representing and protecting our interests.

National Counsel, Product Manufacturer 

Thank you so much! As always, you did a great job on an important case, in a District that was faced with many hurdles. Thanks again for all of your hard work. You are the best!!

Managing Claims Counsel, Public Entity Insurer

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