On April 3, 2009, Rutherford & Christie attorneys Michael Becker and Veronica Gannon obtained a jury award in the amount of $1,146,146.25 in State Supreme Court, New York County. Judge Ling-Cohan presided over the three week trial involving a partial collapse of a historic building in Soho. The jury determined that the partial collapse of 152 Wooster Street was due to the negligence of the developer, general contractor and sub-contractor of a construction site adjacent to this historic loft building. In the unusual circumstance, R&C represented the plaintiff, 152 Wooster St. Corp., in this matter.

152 Wooster Street is one of the first buildings in Soho to benefit from the 1971 amendment to the Zoning resolution, which designated Soho as a light manufacturing district. Some of the first tenants in the building, of which most remain, were responsible for this amendment, which allowed for the transformation of Soho’s identity as a commercial manufacturing district to one of the world’s foremost centers for artists to live and work. Some of the most famous and renown artists in the area work and reside at 152 Wooster Street.

R&C was retained by 152 Wooster St. Corp in late 2005, almost two and half years following this accident, to represent the building and prosecute those responsible for causing this partial collapse. Through extensive investigation, which led to the discovery of purportedly missing building department records and pre-construction surveys, R&C was able to prove that each of the defendants were negligent for undermining the foundation of the building at 152 Wooster Street and causing the damage claimed.